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Health & Strength
MP isn’t about chasing performance
at all costs. The philosophy of
balance best underpins what we do.
Balance between training and
recovery, balance between different
muscle groups, balance between
physical and mental. Training with us
is about being fit for life.
First Class Performance
The key to performance is a strong
and balanced foundation, that’s
why our initial assessments are so
important. When this is set we can
then deliver first class Olympic
lifting and agility, speed and
plyometric coaching to help take
you to the next level.
Just Results
MP isn’t the perfect fit for everyone.
We don’t do gimmicks, fads or ‘fluff’.
Training with us isn’t about comfort
and luxury. We put form ahead of
function and simply focus on
delivering results time after time.
If you’re ready to step away from
steam rooms and indoor waterfalls,
it’s time to in touch.
Our Philosophy
Maloney Performance makes athletes. Athletes strong in body and mind. Athletes balanced and well-rounded
in their physical and mental development. Athletes that understand and take ownership of all aspects of
training and the high performance lifestyle. Our athletes aren’t machines, they are students. The knowledge
we share is every bit as important as the training we prescribe. Regardless of age, gender or background
YOU are an athlete. Be at your best. Join us.